Membership Information & Guidelines

Membership will be limited to 100 members. All members must be an owner, partner, shareholder or franchisee of privately owned businesses (i.e. Corporations, sole proprietorships and franchises with no public stock offerings). The Private Business Association of Seminole, Inc. (PBAS) is a non-partisan organization.

Membership applications will be approved through the Membership Committee and the Executive Committee.

Membership is by invitation only and the applicant must be sponsored by a member in good standing. Application forms must be accompanied by an initial fee of $75. If paying by check, make check payable to Private Business Association of Seminole.

Members will be billed $150.00 every six months with payments due in March and September. This fee includes breakfast served at the meetings. Fees should be paid at the meetings in March and September or mailed to the treasurer if you are unable to attend those meetings.

Meeting fees and dues will be prorated for new members. These fees are in addition to the initial $75.00 fee.

It is the intent of PBAS that membership not be overly influenced by any single profession. Therefore, membership will be limited in the various professions.

Members missing three consecutive meetings will be removed from the membership roster without refund of fees. Absences are recorded only for meetings missed with no notice given. That means if you are unable to attend, a phone call or e-mail is needed to avoid an unreported absence being recorded. Members may appeal circumstances of absence to the Executive Committee.

It is very important to respond to the meeting notices for two reasons. (1) an accurate count is needed for the meeting room arrangements and number of breakfasts, and (2) records of attendance must be accurate since unreported absences can result in your membership being terminated.

We encourage members to invite guests (potential members). Guests may attend no more than two meetings without making a commitment to becoming a member. The guest fee is $15.00.

Elected officials representing Seminole County and the cities within will be invited to attend all functions as invited guests. Elected officials may become members if they meet the requirements of membership. An elected official cannot serve as President of the Organization.

Elected officials and/or candidate running for an elected position (from time campaign account opened) will not be considered for membership. However, if a current member chooses to become a candidate for an elected position, he/she may retain his/her membership.